Friday, June 22, 2012


Guess what we have recently started picking this summer -

Blueberries!  Definitely in my top three with corn and tomatoes!  Dad has several big blueberry bushes at his shop and the kids and I met mom to pick a few mornings ago.  By the time we got there, she had already picked this bucket full (good for Jack) -

 Before Jack ate them all, we decided to strap on our buckets and pick some of our own -
Dad makes these great berry-picking buckets out of coffee cans... 

Jack was a little upset because his bucket was empty, so he stole some of mine

Dad stopped by to help and of course LK needed him, so he just plopped down on the ground and they picked blueberries from there...

 The fruits of our labor -

Time for a break and a little sidewalk chalk -

kids these days...

This was Lola Kate's artwork from Vacation Bible School.
Apparently my sweet darling would only let them paint one of her hands,
hence the double right-handed flower!

We helped mom in her yard and it wore LK out
 Corn Update: Remember this picture from a few weeks ago?  Well, I swung by this field yesterday to look at the corn and this is what it looks like now -

Pretty, don't you agree?  We're still praying for rain, but things are still holding up fairly well. 
 We saw this truck in town -
Maybe we can get the Cornfield Cadillac to haul for us

And then this last random summertime picture for today -

Sweet cousins sharing a picnic

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