Sunday, June 3, 2012

where to start...

So I am pretty much really behind in my posting duties... between decorations, mother's day, anniversaries, birthdays and preparing for vacation bible school, my evenings have been pretty full.  Things are just as busy for Ben at the farm - cutting wheat, spraying corn, planting beans, baling hay...I have lots to share.  I have spent a little time tonight sorting through pictures from cameras and phones, so more posts should be coming soon.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures I had to share.  These are of Lola Kate and her great-grandparents (Ben's mamaw, Lola Juanita, and papaw).  Mamaw Haynes fixes lunch for the boys everyday.  There are a lot of days Ben comes home and sees what I have made for supper and announces it is the same thing mamaw made for lunch, but he eats it anyway :) 

The Lolas - in their matching orange outfits :)

Oh, one more thing - Ben, Bart, and some boys were putting square bales of alfalfa hay in the hay barn and were almost done for the day when the stack fell.  There were two boys that fell from the top of the stack, two were underneath part of it, and I think somebody jumped off the back of the truck - suprisingly and thankfully, no one was hurt, probably just somebody's pride more than anything -

You can't see it now, but there is a trailer behind that truck!

More catching up to do!
Lola Kate and Papaw Bud

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