Monday, June 18, 2012

Replanting & Garden Update

So...Ben spent the day replanting beans.  Yep, that's right, REplanting beans...yuk!  For some reason, and he is not sure why, the beans he planted 12 days ago have not shown up.  So, if we are going to make beans this year in that field, he had to start replanting.  That means twice the seed cost, twice the fuel cost, and twice the time.  Pretty frustrating when there is so much going on right now. 
We could really use a rain...

After the trip to Atlanta this past weekend, the kids and I stayed at home today to try and get things back in order.  We did go visit a friend of mine that gave us this -

Not 100% sure on a name yet - maybe Jabba the Hut or Han Solo...I just hope it will eventually take care of our mole problem. 

I did get out and work the garden a bit -

Here are some pictures of how the garden looks since we planted a few weeks ago -

squash and tomatoes

green bean teepee - next time taller and more stakes

Roma tomato vines

Cucumbers and sunflowers
While I weeded the garden, Jack found entertainment in this -

squash man
I forgot to pick the squash before we left for the weekend, so these were too big to eat...

 This entertained him for about an hour.  He went in and found the glue and wiggle eyes himself.

 I tried to help him put hair on one of his squash men, but "mom, squash people don't have hair, silly".
Oh - sorry...

Squash family


  1. Love that squash family! Pinned it and featured you on my blog today!