Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend in the A-T-L

Ben's cousin David was getting married this past weekend in Atlanta, so we decided to go early and try to catch a Braves game while we were there.  We usually try to make it for at least one game each year. 
We left after lunch and the kids slept on the way there -


What are you looking at Jack Haynes?!

Is she cheering for the Braves or the chocolate dipping dots?

At Turner Field, the kids can run a "base" -

that is the form of a track star!
home run!

those hands!, that face!

LK was cheering on her brother

By the third inning, we had cotton candy, coca cola, and
mello yello!
Which is why I am very suprised this happened -

a nap in the fifth!

This may be the last time we get to see Chipper Jones bat live and in person!

That random hand is the guy in front of us, who, with all of his friends,
fell in love with our kids!

Braves Win!

Maybe my favorite family photo to date :)

Friday Night Fireworks
 The wedding wasn't until 6pm Saturday evening, so all the Haynes family had a chance to hang out at the hotel.  We have a pretty large family with lots of kids...

These are the four year old cousins (2nd cousins) and they had a big time together at the pool!

Getting ready for the beach, just need some sand!
 We got dressed up for the wedding -

Jack and his beautiful cousins, Hannah and Mary Carmen
This child melts my heart...

The four year olds up to no good, Alli was upset the boys were throwing rocks,
she asked me to find a broom!

The weekend of coca cola!

We wrapped up the night with Jack showing off his moves on the dance floor!
Then it was back to Alabama and to check on things at home.  What a wonderful weekend with family and friends... Congratulations David and Emily!

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