Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pea Picking

So, I have some great pictures on a new camera, but I can't get my pictures to download from the camera to computer...but, I have taken a few pictures with Ben's phone this week, so here they are - 

boys on the farm learn to drive pretty quickly...

Don't worry, these are just in the driveway at the farm!

LK has learned to use a lightsaber from her brother  -

watching Turtleman

Call of the Wildman

Lola has to help Ben drive to the hay field...

while Jack and I ride along and goof off!

 We stopped by mamaw and papaw's for lunch and the kids found plenty to work on -

Checking the mail

Shelling peas

Jack found mamaw's garden hat...

and Bart's big hat!

There is always plenty to do this time of year and thankfully
plenty of help as well!

You can always count on something being broken down at the farm,
Jack is already a big help around the farm.  They are working on the bat-wing

They didn't even know I was taking this picture or did they realize they were
doing the exact same thing, sweet boys...
 The temperature reached 102 today... things are so dry, we have been praying for rain and now we are waiting on the storm clouds...

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