Wednesday, June 6, 2012

more catching up...

Ok, so where I have been raised, we have decorations every spring...what is a decoration you ask?  Well, most every church has it's own Sunday when it hosts decoration for families to come back and place flowers on the graves of their family members.  There is usually a special church service and then our families gather together and eat a meal together.  People I know that are not from the south have never heard of it, but I have known it my whole life.  The third Sunday in May, for my whole life, we have gathered together with my dad's extended family.  We always ate at my great-aunt's house or my mamaw and papaw Pruett's house, now we eat at mom and dad's house.  This year we went with mamaw and papaw Dixon to where my Hampton family relatives are buried.... Happy Home Church.  I have always thought that was such a sweet name for a little church in the edge of the woods -

Just a note - We always laughed because my papaw Pruett took family pictures at the cemetary... we have lots of pics of dad and his brothers and sister around our family tombstones !? lol  Well, now here I go... BUT, I want my kids to be able to see the names of their great-great-grandparents...

Mom, Lola Kate, and my Mamaw Dixon

Me, mom, mamaw, my aunts - Yvonne and Skeeter, and the kids

Papaw taught Jack to make a toothbrush from a sassafrass(?) tree

so sweet...

look mom, clean teeth!

lk, mamaw and papaw

The Dixon Family
My great-grandparents

Happy Home Church in the edge of the woods
Mamaw has always told me that granddaddy Hampton was the baby of nine kids.  When he was born they never gave him a name, just called him Baby.  When he got old enough to talk pretty well, he named himself Beed.

Jack talk - I got home the other day and both the kids were asleep.  I got LK out first and took her in a laid her down in her bed.  I went back to the car, got Jack and hauled him in.  He is four and big and heavy!  I kept thinking, "he is so big, I think I might could drop him". But, I made it and laid him down in his bed.  His eyes immediately popped open and he smiled and said, "Tricked you, I was awake, I just wanted you to carry me in."  Pinch. him. now.  love him

Vacation Bible School is in full swing right now - 102 Monday night and 100 last night.  They are learning about the Armor of God.  I laid down with Jack last night and asked him what his favorite thing was that day - "Learning about God, we learned about the belt of truth."  I think we are doing something right :)

We got a couple of inches of rain this weekend.  Ben is cutting wheat and we are planting beans.  I have some great pictures from memorial day, something to work on tonight.....

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