Tuesday, April 17, 2012

East Coast Steaks

I missed loading steers Thursday. We always try and load early before it gets too hot and the driver can get on the road. Ben left the house pretty early to meet the truck at the scales, so I didn't wake the kids. He did take a picture of the cab-over truck that loaded them up and took them on a trip up the east coast...
These steers are going up the east coast to New York. They are being marketed in Whole Foods Stores as all-natural beef, so it's a pretty good deal. ALSO - after lunch Sunday we rode around looking at different fields and made this beautiful discovery - little shoots of corn poking up out of the ground. Look close...can you see them?
We no-till plant all of our corn and wheat and 95% of our soybeans. In other words, we don't disk or plow the ground to prepare a seedbed prior to planting. All we do before we plant is spray a burndown herbicide to kill the winter weeds and plant into that undisturbed surface. This saves lots of trips over the fields, saves fuel, and greatly decreases the potential for erosion. Ben says we dont have enough topsoil anyway, we can't allow what we do have to wash away.

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