Sunday, April 22, 2012

easter 2012

Ok, so I am pretty much two weeks (or more) behind about posting Easter pictures. These are mostly pictures from the house, dying eggs, and at mom and dad's barn hunting eggs with friends and family.
Dying eggs is a pretty big childhood memory for me. I always loved the preparation and time spent together, dressing up and going to mamaw and papaw's house to hunt eggs with all of my cousins. So here are some sweet pictures of my kids dying eggs...and yes we use coffee cups to dye our eggs in because that's what we did when I was a kid. I almost bought the little egg dying cups, but then thought no, the coffee cups have to stay. I distinctly remember my dad drinking a cup of blue egg dye instead of his coffee one year, precious!
These are the few pictures I have of the kids dressed up in their Easter outfits before the virus hit once we were at church (LOVELY)...
The last picture is of Jack with his wheat. He came home one day with a sock (yes, off his foot) full of wheat seed which he insisted on planting in this broken flowerpot. Of course we HAD to have a picture of him with his wheat on Easter morning.:) Sweet boy..
Jack talk -
Oh yeah, here is the conversation I heard Easter morning when Ben was dressing Jack - "Dad, boys don't wear white pants, pants aren't white they are blue or brown." " I know son." "Dad, I don't like this blue sweater." "It looks good Jack, you look nice." "But dad, the blue covers up my white shirt and I like my white shirt. Can I wear my white shirt over my blue sweater?" AHHH - like father, like son.

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