Monday, April 9, 2012

Just a weekend...

This is a post I had started several weeks ago, but had trouble with my camera - Mom cooked lunch Sunday after church for the family, mamaw and papaw included. It was so nice to visit together. If any more babies are born they will need a bigger table, mom says it's a blessing, I agree. Dad and the kids played in the basement before we had to go back to church for night service.
It's strange because growing up the pool table was not to be abused at any time.... now there is a grown man and two kids playing with a LEGO collection on top! Isn' it funny how the rules change for two sweet kids?! Nursery friends. I have a picture very similar to this of Jack and Amos.
Little kids singing (and Elli).
Sweet baby Lola and her daddy
Jack spent the afternoon putting out hay with Ben. I stopped by the farm to pick him and they drove up on the four-wheeler, like father like son eh? At some point we will have to have the you-can't-drive-that-fast discussion.

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