Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bo Meets Jackson

Today was a pretty big day around the small town of Fairview. This time last year our state and community was devastated by the tornadoes that ripped across the South.

  Homes and businesses in our county had extensive damage and some areas are still under construction.  In a fundraising effort to spread awareness of the damage done on April 27, 2011, former Auburn football player, Bo Jackson is biking across the state in a "Bo Bikes Bama" campaign. People can donate money to ride along different sections of the state with Bo and other "celebrities".  The entire group stopped at our high school today.  The entire school (k-12) and it seemed like a lot of the community was there as well.

Ben and I were talking to some of the students and they were not sure who Bo was, but they were still pretty excited to meet him (unfortunately, this made me and Ben feel pretty old). Not sure either?

Some of my sweet students...

Back in the day...
We got there a little too early and had to wait a little longer than we thought, so the kids were given out before the bikers got there.

Jack found shade under a tree
 To tell you how big of a deal this was - Ben left the farm and stayed for Bo and the rest of the bikers to ride in. 

Bo knows bikes?

Ben put Jack on his shoulders and I could tell he was determined to get Jack's picture made with Bo Jackson.

*note* Jack just recently grew out of his Bo jersey so he wore Cam instead

So for an Auburn graduate and life-long Auburn fan, this was a pretty big deal -

This boy has done a lot of neat things in his four years...

A good day...

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