Wednesday, March 7, 2012

road trip

We took a road trip this week in search of one of these -
We'll use it to apply fertilizer and crop protection products to corn, soybeans, wheat, and pastures. We found just what we were looking for in Dale, Illinois. Ben had found several sprayers on TractorHouse that we were prepared to travel and look at. Luckily, we found this one at our second stop. Jack liked our first stop because it had a basketball goal. These were his rules, "You start on first base and I will be at second base, then I say go and kick it and then you chase me and then tackle me." So I guess he was glad there was a basketball, nevermind the goal.
Notice the Dixon Farms truck behind him! Our second stop was a great family farm about 70 miles into Illinois. Jack met Weston who's grandpa sold us the sprayer. They had a great time. Apparently Illinois farmboys play just about like Alabama farmboys - hammer and nails, rock piles, mud, etc. So, we found a good sprayer, just what Ben was looking for. Now we just have to get it home... Wish we could have picked this up too -

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